Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose

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Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose (GP)

On aircraft, on life rafts, in remote storage areas…at sites like these, soldiers are provided with survival food packages that each contain six compressed bars of food.

Why Is It Needed?:

The Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose (GP) is an Air Force product and was updated in 1993 to replace the old General Purpose Survival Packet, which had not been updated since the 1960s.

How It Works:

Contents: The six compressed bars or tablets are packaged individually and contained in a paperboard box. Food components include: all-carbohydrate wintergreen tablets, a shortbread bar, a chocolate chip bar, a granola bar, and two cornflake cereal bars. The ration also includes one packet each of lemon tea, sugar, and a soup and gravy base. The total package is 33 in³ and weighs 336 grams.

Nutrition: The survival food packet must contain approximately 100 grams of carbohydrate and a low protein level (< 8% of the calories) to counteract the effects of starvation and to conserve body water. This ration provides 1447 kilocalories with 18 grams of protein (5% of the calories), 202 grams of carbohydrate (56% of the calories), and 64 grams of fat (39% of the calories).

Storage: Survival packets are stored for as long as five years, including periods of time at very high temperatures — such as on an aircraft sitting on asphalt during the summer. Due to these environmental conditions, the storage requirement for this ration is five years at 80° F and one month at 140° F.

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Well Received…In user tests, the new Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose won significantly higher ratings for variety and acceptability than the old General Purpose Survival Packet. The product has been produced successfully and is available for procurement.


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