Jungle Survival Training (JST)

This is part of a U.S. Government notice about a survival training contract award. Several uninteresting parts have been removed. :)

This is notice that Naval Special Warfare Group One, San Diego, Ca. intends to award a Sole Source Firm Fixed Price Contract to Bulletproof Primitive Supply 4710 River Chase Rd Marianna, FL 32448-7459 under the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2304© (1) as implemented by FAR 6.302-1. This is a simplified acquisition. FSC R419 NAICS 611699 FAC 2005-29 This notice is not a request for offers. The contractor identified is the only known source for the subject requirement. Responses to this notice will be used to determine if bona fide competition exists. Any such responses must be in writing and include technical and pricing information. The Government will not pay for any information submitted. All responses from responsible sources will be fully considered. A determination by the Government not to compete this procurement action, based on responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. F.O.B Destination See Numbered Note 22. A written solicitation will not be issued. All responses must be received not later than 09:00 AM PST January 9, 2009


Description: Jungle Survival Training (JST)


Require Independent Contractor to provide assistance as Subject Matter Expert (SME)

in basic Jungle Survival Training (JST)

Training shall provide entry level skills for survival in a jungle environment for

SEAL Operators and support personnel. This JST is necessary for effective and efficient operations in a jungle environment while providing a “base” for moderate and advanced survival training environments, which include jungle, urban, desert and arctic conditions.


The SME’s major duties are to instruct personnel in the following areas in a way that each person attending the training shall take away skills no only to survive but, to maintain health and awareness at the highest possible level considering the surrounding conditions:

Raw material gathering, Tool construction, E&E kit development,

Wildlife identification, Tracking, Useful flora & fauna gathering,

Dangerous flora and fauna gathering, Introduction to foraging, Shelter construction, Cordage making, Friction fire (spindle, block, bow) starting, Animal traps and snares construction and placement, Introduction to fishing, Camp and hide set-up,

Spark fire (flint, man-made devices) starting, Water filtration procedures,

Primitive weapon building techniques, Anti-personnel traps construction and placement,

Baskets construction, Animal retrieval methods


The students shall be taught all aspects mentioned above in a controlled teacher-mentor type training environment followed by a practical demonstration of skill level achieved.

The instruction purposed is a SURVIVAL and PRIMATIVE WEAPONS development course in a jungle environment.

Times given are only estimations and almost always are longer and/or shorter due to student dynamics.

Animal retrieval consists of tracking and stalking, primitive weapon use for killing and tanning, use and development of the bones, field dressing, meat preparation, and mandatory eating (killing with a positive purpose).

This course is specific to the local area, focusing on flora/fauna identification, wildlife identification, harvesting, and hunter/gatherer techniques.

Great care shall be taken to teach the construction of various types of proven weapons, tools, traps, snares, shelter, and deadfalls.

The goal is for each student to be both confident and capable of finding/processing water, making fire and procuring/processing food.


The contractor, SME is authorized to use Private Owned Vehicle (POV) and Commercial Air Lines (COMAIR) to arrive at the civilian airport in Okinawa, Japan (OKA). SME shall be picked up by CNSWC personnel and delivered to the training area. On-site transportation shall be provided by CNSWC personnel.


Current JST shall be conducted at the following location:

Jungle Warfare Training Center

Camp Gonsalves Marine Corps Base

Okinawa, Japan


January 20th to January 30th, 2009

June 15th to June 30th, 2009

The contractor shall provide all labor to accomplish the tasks described. Trips for training are estimated to be conducted two (2) times annually, or until further notice:

Winter Months: December, January, or February as scheduling allows

Summer Months: June, July or August as scheduling allows


The Government shall provide all lodging and transpiration at the training area.

Government personnel shall be assigned as medical/safety personnel to cover and monitor the training environment at a level deemed adequate by the senior officer in charge. Example:

Two (2) personnel from CNSWC staff needed to augment instruction as observers during field instruction

Two (2) personnel from CNSWC staff needed as safety observers on night exercise

CNSWC staff to provide food and water during training days

CNSWC staff to provide and set-up Medivac support and procedures



Performance of this SOW that requires access to secured areas by the SME shall be provided by CNSWC to the SME prior to departure to the training site. Any on-site access requirements to training areas shall be the responsibility of the Officer in Charge of the training