6 Easy Ways To Prepare Vegetable Beef Soup Recipes

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What Is Beef Soup?

Beef soup is a dish mostly composed of chunks part of the beef meat, mainly the chuck roast, shoulder, chuck-eye roast perfect for the tenderness the dish required, you can even slice it without the need of a knife. It is also paired with other savory ingredients such as celery, potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and green beans.


  • Beef meat
  • Celery
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Beans

Easy ways to prepare vegetable beef soup recipe:

These are the simple steps in preparing a delicious dish for vegetable beef soup that most people often follow to gain an outstanding result of the famous and simple dish.

1. Prepare All The Ingredients

You need to prepare the ingredients by cutting them all according to your own size preferences. Cut the carrots and potatoes on presumably bite sizes, and the onions, tomatoes, and celery likewise including the mushrooms.

2. Cook The Beef Well

Set aside all the sliced ingredients from step one, and prepare a pan to cook the beef meat properly. Cook it until it becomes brown and tender.

3. Mix The Carrot, Potato, And Celery

When you are done cooking the beef meat, put it in a bowl and use the same pan and cook the carrots, potatoes, and the celery. First, put the potatoes, and then followed by the carrots, and the celery. It is important to follow this sequence as it affects the end result of the vegetables taste.

4. Pour The Stout Or Wine

After mixing all the vegetables you can now put the stout or wine for the savory broth. Upon putting the said liquid you need to mix it well and wait for the vegetables to be fully cooked.

5. Put The Sautéed Mushrooms

This next step is optional, but if you want to add the savory taste of a sauteed mushroom that is also a good choice. Sauteed mushrooms are rich in vitamins that help protect the heart’s health. Just simply put all the sliced mushrooms when you think the vegetables and the meat are already cooked.

6. Mix The Ingredients And Wait Until Fully Cooked

The final step is to add the cooked beef meat. Slowly mix all the ingredients and wait til the broth is slightly thick. Check the meat if it is soft enough depending on your own preference. And serve!


The vegetable beef soup recipe is one of the most delicious dishes you can easily prepare at home. You can also add it with different cuisine that you think fits perfectly with savory taste. If you are thinking of something to prepare for the weekends and family gatherings, thien this simple and easy dish can fully satisfy your day.

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